Wire-wrapped Wonderful Sterling Silver Cuff Bracelet

Supplies Required
24" 18-gauge sterling silver wire
Pre-designed sterling silver cuff bracelet
(You can also make your individual cuff bracelet from large
gauge sterling silver rectangle wire if you favor.)
Resources Wanted
Liver of sulfur or oxidizing Answer
Spherical nose pliers Wire cutters or tin snips File
Chain nose pliers Fine steel wool Sharpening fabric Protection glasses
1. Implement liver of sulfur or oxidizing solution to the 24" of 18-gauge sterling silver wire.
It is vital to comply with any security recommendations the producer suggests around the Instructions when dealing with any chemicals. You are going to use the fantastic metal wool to the oxidized wire to get rid of many of the darkened areas after you total the wrapping method.
2.Make use of the ruler to measure and mark the 24" of 18-gauge wire into four sections. Evaluate and mark the wire at 7", 12*. and seventeen".
three.Future, evaluate and mark the center of the very best in the cuff bracelet (because it’s curved, you'll be able to just sort of eyeball it). Then make use of the ruler to measure and mark %" from the center of the cuff to all sides.
four.Firmly grasp the marked center from the 24" eighteen-gauge wire within the jaws from the round nose pliers. Use your fingers to bend the edges right down to kind an upside-down U form (the wire will resemble a big bobby pin).
When working with long parts of wire, basic safety glasses are suggested.
five.Slide the wire onto the sterling silver cuff bracelet to the center mark. Pinch the wire limited onto the cuff bracelet and, whilst Keeping the wire over the cuff together with your fingers, wrap a person aspect from the wire randomly toward the Vi' mark that you choose to designed on the top of the cuff bracelet. You should view where the seven" as well as the seventeen' marks are around the wire and make use of them to match up Using the Vi" mark that you choose to designed on the daxtylidia asimenia cuff bracelet.

8. Utilize the round nose pliers to curl the finishes of the wire up to the wrapped wire on the underside in the cuff bracelet. Make use of the chain nose pliers to firmly squeeze the ends up into the opposite wrapped wire. This may hold the finishes securely in place.
6.End wrapping the wire on one other side, matching up the seven" and the 17" marks to the cuff bracelet with the Vi" marks within the 18-gauge wire.
seven.Now wrap the wire on one aspect back again towards the middle from the cuff bracelet. Then wrap the wire on the other aspect of your cuff bracelet again toward the κοσμήματα γυναικεία center. You may need to trim and file the ends with the wire so which they end up about the bottom of the cuff bracelet.
9. Use fantastic metal wool to eliminate the darkened area about the area of the wire, leaving the locations κοσμήματα τιμές from the crevices of your wrapped wire dim. Buff the wrapped wire and also the cuff bracelet using a sharpening fabric.
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This cuff is great for Males in addition to Ladies. Use the bigger Males's size of pre-made cuff bracelet and add excess duration on the 18-gauge sterling silver wire, usually six to 8 inches to support
the greater Guys’s cuff bracelet.

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